CAMPER PLACE + MINI CAMPING + ECO FARM in Pajiesmeniai, Lithuania

Pasvalys & district

Pasvalys city's historic center:

Only in the world Sinkholes park:

Pasvalys region museum 
and its department of millstones:

Pasvalys Greenish Spring (wet sinkhole)
- the biggest cave in Lithuania:

Pasvalys park and lakes - wet sinkholes:

Pasvalys cultural center:

...and one of the events - city birthday:

In the old presbytery park:

 Azuolpamuse mound:

Migonys mound:

Raubonys water mill
-wool carding and spinning workshop:

In Balsiai water mill:

Next to dolomite outcrop "Skaliu kalnas":
in Stebeikeliai:



We live in unique
Can happen - sinkholes in the city:

...or cracks in the buildings - e.g. church's:
But we love our country:)

In winter... in one of the sinkholes:


Gallery of artist JURIS BALIUNAS in Pasvalys 

More information:

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