CAMPER PLACE + MINI CAMPING + ECO FARM in Pajiesmeniai, Lithuania


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Our village PAJIESMENIAI is famous
for it's three sleeping fountains, exeptional 
nice streets, friendly people, beautiful park, 
and a lot of cultural events
Three sleeping fountains in Pajiesmeniai:

Pajiesmeniai park:

The lights in Pajiesmeniai park can be swiched on by yourself
- by puting some coins (30 euro cents  for 30 min. )
to a special "coin automatic box"
Winter in Pajiesmeniai park:
Serpent in Pajiesmeniai park:


Old manor:

Old oak:

Pajiesmeniai lake:

St. Casimir crucifix / Carved wooden pole:

St.Casimir crucifix (LT- stogastulpis) in Pajiesmeniai village, 
in square in front of the Culture Center was 
unveiled in 2011 - 08 -02. 
Author - sculptor Tomas Stambrauskas (Vilnius). 

Consecrated Pasvalys church vicar Modestas Juodvalkis.
Stogastulpis is a traditional Lithuanian ethnographic architecture element. Name stogastulpis is made from two words -stogas, which means roof, and stulpas, which means pillar. It is a common pillar type sculpture with one or several layers of stylized roofs and traditional ornaments in-between. Most common ornaments is traditional sun, bells, wreaths. Sometimes religious symbols is also used. Stogastulpis is also often used as memorial architectural element. (Wikipedia)

Pajiesmeniai Eco Farm:

700 meters from Mini Camping & Camper Place & )
is our small old ECO FARM. 

There you will have possibility:  

to learn about eatable wild plants and to harvest it yourself  - see pics...

- see

to know about natural agriculture 
- see

to stay in authentic Lithuanian environment which prevailed more than fifty years ago, when every Lithuanian family was following organic farming principles and respectful use of natural gifts. 
From May till October with tent or with camper...

to make your picnick in the farm 
- see

Pajiesmeniai botanical- zoological nature reserve:

Pajiesmeniai Narrow Gauge Railroad... flowered:)
Pajiesmeniai school and kindergarden:

Pajiesmeniai culture-house: pic. will be:)
Pajiesmeniai library: pic. will be:)
Pajiesmeniai swimming place, basketball, volleyball, children playgrounds : 

Health care - Pajiesmeniai nurce premises:pic. will be:)
Pajiesmeniai shops: pic. will be:)
Pajiesmeniai beautiful streets and homesteads: pic. will be:)
2 km from Pajiesmeniai - Azuolpamuse mound:

2 km from Pajiesmeniai - Raubonys water mill
-wool carding and spinning workshop:


handicraft exhibitions

Artist from Vilnius VAIDOTAS KVASYS 

We live in unique 
(sinkholes, beautiful nature...) 
Our camping is 1,2 km from road Via Baltica (A10,E67) - road "Kaunas-Riga-Tallinn".  


is easy to all dirrections. 
You can reach Riga (100 km), 
Kaunas (150 km) or Vilnius (200 km) 
and all beautiful places of LT and LV. 
Hill of Crosses - 80 km, Birzai - 20 km, 
Pasvalys - 7 km, Birzai regional park starts in 2 km.

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