CAMPER PLACE + MINI CAMPING + ECO FARM in Pajiesmeniai, Lithuania


 You are coming to a very small village Pajiesmeniai. From our camping you can reach by few minutes all village events, which mostly take place in village  culture house or in the park. There live very friendly people - they are happy  to meet our guests
in concerts, exibitions, festivals... 

Auto-moto race on ice in February

:) ... next will be in February 2017!

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Pjiesmeniai BRASS BAND

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 Hard rock concerts
"Storks are leaving" in August 
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Holy Mass in Pajiesmeniai 
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 Easter traditions in Lithuanian family 

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Christmas Eve traditions in Lithuanian family

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Shrove Tuesday traditions in Lithuania

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RITA LAURAITIENE art and handicraft exhibitions

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Artist from Vilnius VAIDOTAS KVASYS 
paintings exhibitions

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Gallery of artist JURIS BALIUNAS in Pasvalys 

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